Domaine de Mazieras

After a long search for a suitable farmhouse in France, Roelf and Dora found Maziéras in 1999. They immediately fell in love at the sight of the long lane ornamented with large old trees. Maziéras with its stately appearance formed an imposing appearance. Built in the 13th century and used in the most recent centuries as a mixed farm, Maziéras promised an enormous challenge for Roelf and Dora.

From the Netherlands, they decided on what steps needed to be taken to make Maziéras into their future home and business. The maintenance and refurbishment of the existing buildings was a necessary starting point. Two houses were renovated to make them suitable for long rentals. Alongside this project, a part of the main house was rebuilt into holiday accommodation for renting out.

In 2005, Dora moved to Maziéras to supervise on these projects and worked hard to be able to welcome the first guests. Long-term tenants quickly found their way to this wonderful domaine. From 2009 holiday makers were welcomed into the grand holiday home le Chasseur and gite la Tour. To enhance the holiday joy, massive amounts of rocks were taken away out of the hillside to be able to build a large saltwater swimming pool and a tennis court. 

The vast estate of 250 acre is intensively cultivated. Maziéras has about seven acres of orchards. Chestnuts and walnuts and fruits are harvested and sold. Large fields are sown with wheat, canola, sunflower and maize. In late 2008, approximately eight acres of poplar forests were felled and replanted. This gave Maziéras a new and wonderful  view of the valley of the river la Crempse. In summer these fields are mowed and the trees are pruned in order to accelerate growth. The forest is exploited through the timely cutting of trees, the timber resources are also used to make pickets to create fences for the meadows and paddocks.

Roelfs' passion for horses on Maziéras could finally be expressed. On the east side of the mansion luxurious stables were built, with room for 10 horses. The views of these horses, grazing in the meadows around the main building, accentuated the hilly landscape and bring an extra dimension to the beautiful picture called Maziéras.

Since 2013 the experienced horse trainer Lindsay is working daily in the livery yard. Maziéras can now offer holiday guests as well as long-term tenants accommodation for their own horses. All information on this subject can be found on this website.

Maziéras offers all facilities for the ideal holiday. Long walks or bike rides on the vast estate and in the area, tennis or basketball, endless daydreaming by the pool or spotting the wildlife. At dusk deer, boar and other wildlife walk to the river la Crempse to quench their thirst. Do not forget to take a peek at the badgers’ fortress, only 150 meters from the main house. 

If you are interested in spending your holiday on Maziéras or if you would like to become a long-term tenant, please contact us.

Dora and Roelf hope to welcome you soon on the enchanting Domaine de Maziéras.